MLS Belize

Belize, Central America

Subscription Plans and Add-ons

Access to MLS Belize per Agent Cost

  • Monthly Plan - $120BZ ($60 USD) - Automatically billed monthly.  Cancel anytime.
  • Quarterly Plan - $330BZ ($165 USD) - Automatically billed every three months.  Cancel anytime before renewal.
  • Annual Plan - $1200BZ ($600 USD) - Automatically billed annually.  Cancel anytime before renewal.
MLS Membership

Featured Agent Add-on ($10BZ per month)

  • The "Featured Agent Add-on" ensures that you are listed within the top 5 agents on our "View Agents" page.  There are only 5 of these add-on's available.  All other agents are sorted randomly on page load.
Featured Agent Add-on

Sponsor a Blog Post ($50BZ per post)

  • We post two blog articles a month at MLS Belize.
  • You can sponsor one or both of these blog posts. 
  • Blog posts go live on the 1st and 15th of the month.  
  • You need to provide us your blog article content 3 days prior to the post going live.
Sponsor a Blog Post

Blog Post Authoring ($250BZ per post)

  • If writing isn't your thing, we can author your blog post (see above) for you.  Just provide us what topic you would like to have us write and we will provide the content.
  • If you purchase this option we will provide a blog post for your approval 5 days after we receive your topic.
  • If you purchase this option do not include the "Sponsor a Blog Post" option above in your cart.
Authored Blog Post